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On an island 'in the middle of nowhere', while it may easily seem to most that there is a shortage of things to do - Bering Breeze Company offers access to the best of adventures for your enjoyment.

Travellers to Unalaska are often ones who flock to the #1 fishing port in the nation for business activities. It is here where the industrious culture of the town overshadows the magnificent and undiscovered beauty the island of Unalaska has to offer. The remaining majority of island dwellers in Unalaska is often encumbered with hours of work rarely ever to break through to see what lies beyond. Bering Breeze Company refreshes Unalaska and its people with leisure and tourism opportunities. Bering Breeze Company invites you on a journey that will enrich your life with unique experiences and unforgettable adventures.

Start your journey today by booking a rental or tour with us! All our equipment rentals and tours are suited for outdoor adventures on land and water. From a collection of bicycles, kayaks, jet-skis, paddleboards, and pedal boats, camping gear, and other gadgets, we provide you with a variety of outdoor equipment rentals to choose from. Come listen to untold Unangan stories by the first people of Unalaska. Commemorate the fallen soldiers who stood in the battlegrounds on Mt. Ballyhoo or Bunker Hill. Beyond the shores of Unalaska, explored the hidden caves, hike on surrounding islands, or beach comb. Feel your heart beat faster as you whip through the Bering breeze on a thrilling Jet Ski ride or take a wild life tour in the bay! There is a world of discovery out there.

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Explore. Discover. Experience the Bering Breeze.

Whether you are booking a special occasion or family-friendly guided tour to a place in Unalaska or taking your best friend for a calm cruise on a jet ski in the bay, our mission is to allow you to "Explore. Discover. Experience the Bering Breeze."

Our Fleet
Our Fleet

Splash in the water, explore the tundra, pedal with the family through town, or feel your heartbeat quicken as you breeze through the bay with our equipment!

Our Tour
Our Tours

Hear stories of the indigenous people, connect with survivors of the World War II, see the panoramic views from the best tundra tops with the Bering Breeze Company.

Start your adventure today by booking a rental or tour with us!

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